Hiking at the thermal region

Hiking through the Thermenland

Our local area offers approximately 200km of marked hiking trails trough pristine countryside. The hotel fitness instructors offer free Nordic Walking guided tours at certain times so please check with reception who also hire out walking sticks!

Hiking in the thermal region

W 2 Thermenrundweg, Length 6,9 km, walking time approx. 2 hours

Departure - information office Bad Waltersdorf - direction main crossing - over the bridge, then right - cross the railway - straight a head to the thermal spa "Heiltherme" - after the spa right into the Hinterfeld way, at elektrician Buchberger - left into the wood, follow the way - next to the Buschenschank Pichler break from the way W1 and W4 - in Wagerberg next to the Weinhof Glatz break from way W3 - pass the Bio-Thermen-Hotel and Biodorf downhill back to Bad Waltersdorf village centre.

W 3 Panoramaweg, Length 8,6 km, walking time approx. 2,5 hours

First you walk like the way W2, next to the Buschenschank Pichler, break from the way W1 and W4 - in Wagerberg, next to Weinhof Glatz, break from the way W2 - straigth a head till Wagerbergberg - on the end of the village left along the mainstreet - after the wood again left and downhill back to Bad Waltersdorf.

W 7 Herrschaftswaldweg, Length 11,5 km, walking time approx. 3,5 hours

Departure - Information office Bad Waltersdorf, direction main crossing, over the bridge - then right - cross the railway - straight a head to the thermal spa, the hill up to Wagerberg - cross the crossing, pass the pond, the flat wood way along to Unterlimbach - at the end of the wood (Limbacher ponds) right into the Herrschaftswald = forest - at the street right -after approximatly 200 meters right - ofer the brigde - pass the restaurant Waldschenke -along the Burgauer street in the direction to Wagerberg - on the beginning of the village left -pass the thermal spa and back to Bad Waltersdorf.

W 4 Leitersdorferweg, Length 11,0 km, walking time approx. 3,5 hours

Departure - Informatinon office Bad Waltersdorf - direction main crossing - over the brigde, right - cross the railway - straight a head to the thermal spa - after the spa right into the Hinterfeld way, at the electrician Buchberger left into the wood, next to Buschenschank Pichler break from W2 and W3 - at the Hohenweg to the Sauberg - at the house from family Handler right, break from way W1 - downhill to the railway - straight a head to Leitersdorf - after the brigdes left, after the Restaurant Seiler-Ziegler right - up the hill to the Leitersdorfberg - right back to Bad Waltersdorf.

Detailed hiking maps you get in our shop or online at the homepage of the tourism office Bad Waltersdorf:

Hiking trails in Bad Waltersdorf (PDF):

Hiking trails in the region (PDF):