Quellenoasis - Private Spa for guests at Quellenhotel

Atmosphere full of harmony

The exclusive Quellenoasis is a three storey luxury spa created as a private facility for guests staying in the hotel. This brand new wellbeing centre is positioned on the edge of woodlands and offers a stunning rural view to the valley below and beyond.


Space and relaxation are an essential part of the spiritual concept of this special facility which offers a wide range of experiences from sound, water and heat.

As a guest of the Quellenhotel you will be able to use both, the Heiltherme (public spa) on 25.000 m² and the exclusive Quellenoasis on more than 3000 m² at no additional cost.

natural swimming lake incorporating a thermal infinity pool

The Quellenoasis is accessible from the hotel regardless of weather. It offers a natural swimming lake incorporating a thermal infinity pool as well as a big sauna area.

A special bonus are the ladies only area and the extensive heat experience and relaxation facilities as well as our new thermal water swimming pool.

At the Quellenoasis you can also find a café and bar.