Thermal Water Bad Waltersdorf

Relaxation that comes from deep within

Experience the magical energy of the water. The water is 10,000 years old and rises up from the aquifer (the underground reservoir) from a depth of 1,200m and at an average temperature of 62C. As much as 2 million litres flow up every day which is more than enough for continuous water exchange in the 7 spa pools.

healing thermal water at the Heiltherme

For your health

With its thermal, physical and chemical stimuli, the water – which has a high mineral content and is particularly soft - deeply affects the whole organism. The thermal water has a relaxing effect on body and soul, is good for the skin, strengthens muscles, tones connective tissue and activates the body’s self-healing powers and its own protective mechanisms in the face of numerous illnesses.

Thermal Waters as Treatment Support for

  • physical changes, especially due to rheumatic ailments
  • rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative rheumatism
  • soft-tissue rheumatism
  • exercise therapy: primarily as a rehabilitation measure or in support of other forms of physiotherapy
  • swimming therapy
  • vegetative conditions of exhaustion
  • hyperthermia as used in general adjustment therapy and to enhance function of the immune system.
Thermal Pool "Urquelle"


For persons with disabilities there is a pool-lift at the indoor thermal pool.

All restrooms, restaurants and relaxing rooms are accessible.

Book your accessible room at Quellenhotel and enjoy your feel-good holiday at Heiltherme and Quellenhotel Bad Waltersdorf.