Warmth, which gets under the skin

The new and exclusive sauna village provides fragranced dry heat and steam facilities which work on the body and mind from the inside expelling toxins through the skin – and sharpening the senses.

Within a secluded area we do have facilities for nude sunbathing. Such nudity is confined to this area and is not practiced around the spa pools and gardens. For reasons of hygiene big towels are used in the saunas. They are provided by the hotel.

steam sauna

How to take a sauna "the right way"

  • No heavy meals before the sauna session.
  • Prior to the first session, take a shower and dry off. Never go into the sauna wet, since this will delay the onset of sweating.
  • The best position is to lie on your back, because the body is then in a single temperature zone.
  • After the sauna, cool down in the fresh air so that your metabolism gets back into full swing.
  • Quiet periods lasting at least 15 minutes.
  • Drink only after the last sauna session, otherwise all hope of removing the body’s metabolic waste products is lost.
sauna at the Heiltherme

Health Aspects

Exposing the body to warmth and steam is one of the oldest forms of relaxation and cleansing, something which even Indians enjoyed in their sweat huts, Germanic tribesmen in their sweat baths, and Finns in their famous saunas – all for over a thousand years. Regularly spending time in the sauna helps prevent disease, strengthens the cardio-vascular system, stimulates the metabolism, accelerates the body’s ability to remove metabolic waste products, cleanses the skin and is an outstanding natural way to combat stress.

Breathing Passages: The hot air quickly affects the breathing passages.  The membranes are warmed up and their blood supply improved.

Cardio-Vascular System: The stimulation provided by the heat causes the blood vessels to expand: the subsequent cold stimulus leads to their narrowing.  This heating and cooling effect improves blood circulation.

Metabolism: Metabolic waste products are literally washed away.  The over-heating accelerates the metabolism, leading to strengthening of regenerative and defensive mechanisms.

Skin: The formation of new cells is stimulated and the skin is toned.  After a sauna, the skin becomes especially receptive for body-care products and beauty treatments.

Musculature: Expansion of the blood vessels leads to relaxation of the muscle fibers located in the vessel wall.