TSM® apple vital treatment

full facial treatment, peeling, deep cleansing, eyebrow shape, vitalizing massage with stone therapy and pumpkin extract, ice-apple mask, final treatment

50 minutes (not all services are included) € 64,00

90 minutes € 98,00

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TSM® "lavez-stone" face massage with pumpkin oil

A relaxing and balancing massage with “lavez-stones”. Your face will shine again.

25 minutes € 40,50

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magic TSM® moments

Herb stamp from our herb garden and herbal oil produced according to old recipes make this whole body treatment to a sweet smelling journey through the Styrian nature. Whole body treatment, peeling with polenta, whole body herbal stemp massage.

105 minutes € 131,00

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TSM® rose fragrance bath

Relaxing baths in our double bathtub just for you or as a romantic bath with your partner. You chosse your favorite way to spend a very relaxing time.

TSM® rose fragrance bath, 20 minutes € 29,00

TSM® rose fragrance bath as a romantic bathing pleasure for two with a glass of sparkling wine, 30 minutes € 55,00