our thermal water

Experience the magical energy of our healing thermal water. The water is 10,000 years old and rises up from the aquifer (the underground reservoir) from a depth of 1,200m and at an average temperature of 62°C. As much as 2 million litres flow up every day which is more than enough for continuous water exchange in the 7 thermal spa pools.

for your health

With its thermal, physical and chemical stimuli, the water – which has a high mineral content and is particularly soft – deeply affects the whole organism. The thermal water has a relaxing effect on body and soul, is good for the skin, strengthens muscles, tones connective tissue and activates the body’s self-healing powers and its own protective mechanisms in the face of numerous illnesses.


100% green energy. Heiltherme thermal spa Bad Waltersdorf is on its way to become europe’s first emission-free spa – thanks to the warmth of its own thermal water and a worldwide unique spa thermal cascade. The so-called “splash water” makes it possible for the entire system to be heated completely emission-free. This saves 261 tons of CO2 every year and the project has been awarded the ENERGY GLOBE Styria Award.